Just a little thought

Saw this in an article this morning.

“If you had to pick one quality that someone needs to possess, what would that be?”

I’d say passion.

What’s the point in just plodding along, either not doing anything, or not doing things you’re interested in or enthusiastic about?!

It’s easier said than done I guess.

But surely everyone is interested in something.

Or at least willing to try. To learn. To experience new things.

Just pick something, every day, and go explore it, be curious, become passionate.

I feel like lately, I’m passionate and exciting and overly enthusiastic about EVERYTHING.

And I love it.

People around me may not appreciate the spontaneous happy dances, but I don’t care, at least it might brighten up their day to see someone else happy – I know it makes me feel better on a bad day!


What do you think?


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