And the healthy life continues for another day (or two)

​Day 3 and 4 

This week has been a slow one. Convincing my brain that it does have to do more than go and catch up with friends and use some will power to not eat that fifth wedge of Toblerone is pretty tough after 10 days off. (I think that’s how long it was, I don’t even know now).

Anyway, in the last two days I got the boot up the butt that I needed to remember that I did have deadlines and real work to do.

Rather than what I’d been doing for the two days before. Which was looking at a lot of health websites and setting targets and getting inspiration. Great things to do, but not when there are other priorities.

Ultimately, I was reading about the benefits of green tea and working out an achievable goal for what I can get my 5km run down to (25 minutes rather than 33 is my ideal 8 week goal – intentionally looking at it lasting longer than just January).

For right now I am trying to increase my protein intake in my largely vegetable based diet to make sure my muscles can recover from the increased activity.

This meant an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, avocado, brocolli, mushrooms and spinach yesterday. I was so happy that I did a little happy dance bringing it back to my desk from the microwave. And then proceeded to post a picture on every source of social media to make sure the world was aware of how good a breakfast I’d had.

And rekindling my love for chocolate and salted caramel protein shakes.
Exercise wise, I did a leg session with some free weights yesterday lunch time and a 5km walk around London having a catch up with my old roomy last night.

Today I decided to skip the lunch gym to have a relaxed meal with my colleagues. Same old soup but eaten whilst chatting and not looking at the computer. Then I went for a 2 hour session after work (gym loser dream Friday) including a 20km cycle and an arm workout.

I’m going to be sore tomorrow! But if the rain isn’t too bad I’m going to try out British Military Fitness near my flat! 


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