Healthy changes 

​Day 2 of the January health kick. 
I’m trying to make subtle differences throughout the day, so the big thing in the morning is not going to Pret or Costa for a vanilla latte – high sugar, pretty crap coffee that makes me feel more sluggish than energised – or a pastry from Tesco. Granted, this didn’t happen every day, maybe a Monday and Friday.

Instead, I am still going to Tesco, but to grab a banana to eat on the last 10 minutes of the journey to work. (BONUS: 20p instead of £2 odd)

And at the end of the day, walking instead of getting the bus. Even though today it was right there and I’ve already been to the gym twice.

I mentioned yesterday that I was changing coffee for green tea. I already feel less bleurgh! I probably wasn’t helped before by the fact that instant coffee is pretty grim and I take so much milk in it that my system probably can’t take it. But already a difference! And I thought I hated Green tea, but the lemon one isn’t so bad. 

I also downloaded a water app, so every 90 minutes it sends me a message to input how much water I have had and tracks how much I should drink each time to get to 2L a day. I also have a tiny water bottle so it stays fresh until the next alarm!

In terms of exercise, I am set to my usual crazy mode. Today I alternated from running to a 6km row. Oh my days! I can really feel it in my arms and shoulders now. Bring on monster shoulders (uhoh). So I went to a yoga class after work to get a good stretch in.

I also found a really good app – Emily Skye – which has a daily workout of around 30 minutes. 5 movements, 12 reps, 4 sets and 2 minutes rest between each set.

Last night i made the most amazing soup: red onion, carrots, parsnips, mixed beans, tinned tomatoes, water, curry powder, chilli and garlic. It made me sad when I started to eat it, as I realised I probably won’t manage to recreate it quite as well again!

Tomorrow morning I am going to have avocado and scrambled eggs because I was a little too hungry today waiting from porridge until I ate after lunchtime gym! 


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