Oh $#*! It’s January again

How on earth is it January again? Where has the last year gone?

And now, so begins the month of busy gym and extreme focus before everyone’s new good habits crumble at the seams and fall all over the place again, like the last however many years.

I am somewhat guilty of this. I say somewhat because I eat pretty healthily and I exercise at least 4 times a week (sometimes a few times a day if I feel like it) throughout the year. But in January I like to clean up on the healthy eating and use the month as an excuse to really go for it in the gym, because everyone is doing it, so I don’t seem as much of a crazy person as I do for the rest of the year.

Plus, I’m super skint in January so if I just eat vegetables and go to the gym, I can save the little money I have.

Today was my first day back at work, so it has also been the first proper day back in the gym.

This was enforced by the fact that my office has been absolutely baltic – I’m pretty sure it was warmer outside than inside. So I had to go to the gym to run and feel some heat in my fingers and toes.

My goals for January

  1. No alcohol,
  2. Move 5km a day,
  3. Cut out the sugary crap,
  4. Reduce coffee,
  5. Increase water.

How am I going to do it?

  1. Alcohol: Sheer will and determination – nah I don’t really drink that much normally, unless it’s a special occasion and then I go a bit overboard, so this is a good excuse to stop that.
  2. Exercise: The plan is to do a 5km run a day with Run Every Day (R.E.D.) January but with a previous knee injury I plan to alternate between running and rowing to save it a little. Plus, this will give me an extra challenge – 5000m row, my shoulders are going to hate me, hopefully my back won’t grow too much – and keep it varied.
  3. Sugar: I suffer from headaches and when I tried cutting out different things the biggest difference I noticed was when I removed sugar. This is a nightmare in an office where there is a stupid amount of processed nonsense: biscuits, cakes, sweets, rarely any fruit. But it made me feel so much better in just two weeks, plus I lost weight! So I will be doing this again.
  4. Coffee: Another downfall of working in an office is getting caught up in drinking too many cups of coffee and then feeling blergh. Not helped by the amount of milk I like in mine and a sugar. So I am swapping it out for green tea.
  5. Water: Today I downloaded an app to remind me to drink water. As stupid as it sounds, I always used to be great at drinking lots of water, but now I am terrible. If I have coffee in my hand I will just keep drinking that, it tastes of something, and I’ll forget to fill my water glass at the same time. So no more!
  6. Support: I also have a group on Facebook with family and friends to keep us motivated throughout the month, we did this last year to try and swim the length of Loch Ness. Fortunately, it ran until around March and kept us all motivated. This includes my sister in Australia and aunt in Switzerland, plus family and friends in England and Scotland, so we’re pretty inclusive! When we all have the goal of trying to move each day and saying what we did then hopefully we’ll all feel the benefit! R.E.D. also have a Facebook group which is really supportive.

I am going to try to post throughout the month – I won’t commit to daily, because I don’t want to bore people that much – but fairly regularly to track progress and changes in thinking or good recipes that I use while I’m trying to be healthy.

Day One: Starting point 



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