This week, I loved London

​I thought for once I should have something positive instead of the usual London complaints. 
This week works from Friday to Friday. 

I went to see ‘In the Heights’ after Alex recommended it. Based on his generally pretty insightful and similar opinions on things, Jack and I went along. I agree with Alex, it was great.

I think part of it was missing New York, so this filled a need, and the other was that it was so lively and exciting and different from the norm that it was hard not to find yourself dancing along. Plus, the way they have set up the building really adds to the New York feel, as the bar and entrance are all subway themed, so I of course was immediately excited.

Requirement to get in the Christmas spirit. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Notting Hill Winter Festival. Both made me happy in different ways.

Winter Wonderland was as you’d hope from any major city – little stalls, mulled wine, bratwurst, silly games and things to see.

Notting Hill, I kept wanting to go and explore outside of Carnival time but still hadn’t made it. So the ‘Winter Festival’ was a good excuse (I use the inverted commas because I forgot that winter doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas, as I discovered when I got there). Walking along Portobello Road was great, there were so many quirky little shops and musicians I loved it.

And event better, I briefly saw the Keris! But not for anywhere near long enough.

Food shopping, meh, crappy adult responsibilities.

And Lucy visited! So of course the conventional idea was to drink too many bottles of wine – oops.  But a wonderful chance to catch up before she moves from Coventry to Central America to Salzburg.

As can only be expected from a night with Lucy, I had a terrible hangover.

Ideal for the day of the first event at work that I’d organised.  So really bad time to be running the show but I knew what I was doing.

The best bit – not for a sane person – was to be running around London trying to find music books for the choir and having the catering team ask me, “Where is the food” to the response “Erm, WTF?!?!?” but it all went wonderfully.  Everyone was happy, supporters felt appreciated and welcome, senior management felt included and important. What more could you want? (Personally? I really wanted my bed).

Exhausted and wanted to die.

Exhausted but productive and went to Ragtime. The most insanely incredible performance I have seen.

My dad had recommended it following a lot of people he knew going to see it and loving it. So I gave it a try. Every but was exceptional, the actors were also the musicians and the set moved around throughout the show, meaning the actors were also the set crew to move things. I can’t imagine how exhausted they must be at the end of the night!

Half day planning meeting – who wants a meeting from 9.15-2?! – where I felt I would be better hiding and puking from tiredness that finding a way to contribute to the conversation.

Then my first work Christmas party for years. Ending the night with a beautiful re-creation of dirty dancing with a drunken priest. You can’t make this up.

Because I went to see ragtime on Wednesday, my dad got jealous and got a train to London to come and see it before it closes on Saturday (REALLY he just couldn’t wait until Christmas to see me). I was curious about whether it would be any different to 3 days before, so I felt I may as well join too.

Although the start was delayed by 20 minutes, due to a sick cast member, the production was amazing. I’d argue better than Wednesday because instead of considering how it looked, they had so much passion in their voice. The importance of ragtime is the story and the message and the music and this performance explained it better than any other.

If you read this after Saturday 10, sorry, because it has now finished in London. But if it tours anywhere else, you should definitely go and see it. Especially with Brexit and Trump the points made are arguably more valid than ever. 


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