Hey there! It’s been a while. Need an update…?

​After a year of being an intern and moving from one city to another, whilst temporarily being at home for a couple of months it can take a little while to adjust into “normal” life again.
For a while I have been unsure of how I feel about being in London. I think ultimately I am just neutral to it. I have no great love of the city and no real hatred. It’s just the place I live in.

Part of the trouble is that it is never going to be New York and if I try to hold it up to that pedestal, it will never come close. New York is an incredible place and I had a set time frame to take everything I could from it (and I did!)

Whereas in London I am here until I decide not to be. So there is no pressure to experience things for fear I’ll miss something. So I just don’t seem to do a great deal and have a slightly different focus – doing well and exercising.

The second part, is that my job here is a “grown up” job. And I don’t really want to be a grown up. I still want to be a kid. I spent last year being an intern where I had very limited responsibility and knew that I would have to do something truly terrible to lose my job and get sent home.

(Although I should make it clear that I did come to love that job. Despite my expectation.)

To start with I really was not prepared for what this job had in store for me and got sucked into being scared and overwhelmed and looking too far into the future to be able to just take one step forward.

But now, I feel like I am really making some headway. More so on the job than London but hopefully both will come with time.

This is the complete flip of last year. I was there for the city and the job came as part of the package. Now I’m here for the job and the city is just the substitute to the one I want to be in. 
So maybe this blog will change a bit from places I am going to and cultural experiences. Instead being more of an update about the things I am learning about the world – literally, the world, from an international development new person perspective. I hope that’s OK! 

And here’s just some photos from the last little while to keep you entertained until the (hopefully soon) next post. 


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