One for the London bucket list 

Today I cycled to work and back. 

Battersea to Waterloo. 

Something I had wanted to try for a while but based on my inability to comfortably cross a road had been too worried to try it. 

For the most part, it was fun. But roundabout and crossing traffic. Holy moly I was scared. So much so, that I found ways to avoid and go in straight lines until, inevitably, I had to turn. 

But I did manage to do it twice in a day, so maybe it’ll catch on! 

Only down side… when I got home and went to port my bike but there were no spaces so had to cycle further. And my increasingly sore butt. 

Thank you santander/Boris for letting me easily cycle around the city for £2. Thank you drivers and other cyclists for not killing me! 


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