Get some hustle in your step

The morning commute really isn’t the same in London as it was in New York. 

Getting a train in the morning for a start feels weird compared to the subway. 

Then there’s the fact nobody likes to push to get on the train. Get your elbows out London! Make a bit of a fuss and a rush! 

And where is the morning entertainment on the commute? There’s no crazy homeless people to watch, no street performers swinging from the handrails or abusing your ears with their music, there’s no domestic to watch. 

Of course I realise that none of those things are ordinarily things you would want to encounter on your commute, but they do make it far more entertaining. 

Now, it is just way too civilised with queues and patience and a little bit of space. 

I get there is nothing wrong with this, I just liked the hustle and bustle and the uncertainty of New York. 


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