Shoreditch Wanderers 

Sounds like a pretty crap band name or football team. 

On Saturday, Jack and I went exploring around Shoreditch. The choice was between Brixton and Shoreditch, but Brixton was decided to have more food places than things to do. 

So Shoreditch won.

My friend, Claire, had posted a picture of Dinerama on Instagram the night before, immediately making my decision on our first place to stop. 

And so began the cocktail tour of Shoreditch pop ups. And delicious doughnuts. It was great! Loads of little pop up bars and restaurants in a space made of scaffolding, iron rods, shipping containers and other stuff you’d normally find in a scrap yard. 

Next, my friend Kate, had recommended Box Park when she found out I was moving. A bizarre building made of shipping containers, hidden behind the train station. 

The bottom floor was all weird and wonderful shops, some with clothes, hair stuff, nail salons and some slightly offensive gift shops – dad and Pete, your birthdays are sorted for the future. 

Next, we tried to go to Junkyard Golf, but it was far too busy. So we’ve kept it for another day. 

Instead we wandered around an All Saints sample sale – still too expensive to be remotely interested – and drank beer in the middle of an industrial estate. 

We were on Brick Lane, but in a beautiful French restaurant ‘Chez Elles’. Foie gras creme brulee, snails, confit duck, Chateaubriand and creme brulee. It was amazing! 

Then a romantic walk to the train along the river… perfect Saturday 🙂

Thanks Jack! 


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