A little like living in Eastenders 

Granted, I’m not living in East London, so it’s not the same, but it’s a little like how I’d imagine it.

I thought this may make an interesting first post and start to my London life (sorry if that thought was bollocks). 

Just over a week ago I moved to London, to start a new, grown up job for a charity. 

I’m living in Battersea – standard things to come to mind…? Cat and dog home? Power station? Park? Yeah, pretty much. 

I think Jack and I did pretty well with the choice, it’s a really nice area, with lots of cute restaurants and bars and a high street with some decent shops. Plus, it’s pretty much right on the river, so when the time comes that I can properly run again, I have a great route, with a view! 

The learning curve of the area comes with reprobates that live in my building. 

There are certainly some interesting characters in my street. 

Lying in bed on a weekend morning there are a few to note: 

First, the guy that seems to think he is God’s gift to rap.

He walks up and down the same patch of pavement for hours at a time chatting/rapping about his life. Whilst intermittently shouting “you coming down?!” I’m not surprised that whoever it is hasn’t gone down yet, if they can hear his crap patter from wherever they are – I wouldn’t either. 
The other main noise box on the street is the banshee.

For 30 minutes on Sunday I heard her scream out her window at someone playing music – which I was personally enjoying- to turn the damn music off, that she didn’t want to hear, how annoyed she was at it and threats to follow. We also get the joy of a few times a week hearing her have a domestic with her lazy, good for nothing partner. Although I haven’t heard that yet this week, so maybe he finally took the hint. 
In between times there are boy racers on noisy scooters at all hours. 

And on my third night, there was a car accident, where someone swerved and smashed, noisily into a wall.

This caused high excitement as a police car and truck, fire engine, ambulance car and truck all showed up. As well as 20 neighbours to have a nosey around/look concerned. We watched from the window (with some prosecco).

I hope you enjoyed my first update on London life, there will be more to follow! 


One thought on “A little like living in Eastenders 

  1. I lived in Nightingale Lane, next to Wandsworth Common Mainline station. Battersea Park station was on my route! Or Ba..ter..see..a as we called it! Happy Days.


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