You can stuff your control

Now, having had just over 15 hours to digest the information that the UK has voted: 52% leave, 48% remain.  I am still well and truly dumb founded.

I went to bed last night feeling fairly confident that this would not happen. That it would result in a very similar way to the Scottish Independence Referendum. That I would wake up in the morning to hear the news that it hadn’t happened and wonder, ‘what if?’. A small feeling of curiosity and disappointment that it was just going to be a normal day, but relieved that I didn’t have to deal with the implication.

But, no.

Where I expected to go to the gym and get on with a normal day.  I woke up, remembered to turn on the news and had no idea what to do. I wanted to throw up. I wanted to ball my eyes out. I wanted to strangle Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. And I wanted to curl up under my covers again and hope the nightmare would end.

But it didn’t end.

I was paralysed with regret for the stupidity of my country.

I have never been more disappointed with the outcome of anything. It is making me realise that perhaps the living situation in England and Scotland is more different than I had ever realised. That although the UK Parliament listens to their views more than ours, they appear to be far more dissatisfied than we are.

I just cannot begin to comprehend what went through people’s mind.

Without our ties with the EU it effects trade, pay, hours, research, medical advancements, legislation, health care, immigration. On a selfish side it effects travel and holidays. It provides stability as we are stronger together than apart.

Fair enough, the main reason for people wanting independence was immigration and NHS. But the two of those advantages were immediately blown out the water as Farage said it was all a lie and he could never promise that money could go to these things. Despite covering a giant bus with this message.

The value of the pound has fallen lower than it has been for over 30 years.

Major financial businesses are planning where to move their UK base to. Paris? Dublin? Anywhere but Edinburgh and London.

We have at least two years of major uncertainty to deal with before the government can answer basic questions, that they should have at least considered before, to give people an educated idea of the outcome.

On a ridiculous level. One of the first things that crossed my mind when I got past immediate grief. Was that I can no longer consider being a vegetarian to cut budgets. That Lidl will no longer be the go to for cheap food. That I will have to eat lots of meat because one thing the UK has, is tonnes of livestock. That the cost of Prosecco is going to go through the roof.

How to you mend the now very evident division between Scotland and England?

Will another Scottish Independence Referendum really help? Or will it cause further problems? Will Europe actually take us back, even though we clearly did not vote for this.

The cherry on the top of the cake. The majority of people that voted to leave were the older generations. The baby boomers. The ones that wanted to stay were young people, the ones that will have to live with this longer.

Why could they not think of their children, grandchildren, young neighbours? Or their pensions?

I am empty and upset and disappointed with the UK today.

Today I lost my ability to go and work somewhere in Europe without going through the horrible visa process that it involved with the US. I feel trapped.

As a traveller, I am confined to this island.

I feel sorry for immigrants in this country. That they are being pushed out. Some of the nicest people I have met and the hardest workers I have ever shared a shift with are from different countries. Poland, Hungary, Germany.

I hope that some educated, considerate and respectful people come in to power and bring us back from what currently looks like a death sentence.

And that American’s do not make the same mistake. Do not vote in Trump.



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