Tempy temp

Being a temp is an odd one. It’s not something I’ve done before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

The trouble is, that you come in knowing that you are only there for a certain length of time and you want to do a good job and make a good impression, so you can potentially stay.

But it’s finding the line between coming in and being chatty and getting to know people – like you would with a permanent job – and being quiet and getting the job done, like you’re hired to do.

For me, I normally take a little while to get to know people, I’m interested in people, but I think it takes time. I don’t like to come in boystrous and disrupt patterns being a loud mouth. And I like to show that I am good at what I do.

This time, I’m in the tricky position where I’m a temp. But there’s a job at the end that I have already applied for and am interested in. But I could end up not getting it even if I do a good job.

So what do I do?

Get to know people (not an unknown thing to me), as much as I can, whilst bonds have already been made and I’m only there playing intruder for 3 weeks?


Do a great job and hope they see that even though I’m a tad quiet?


Or just go against my normal behaviour and make my presence known, both personally and professionally?


Watch this space. All tips welcome.



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