Catching up in London

Finally, I went somewhere.

A very, very short trip to London gave me a chance to catch up with a home friend and a couple of New York friends.

And get away from day to day normality.

Granted, it wasn’t a wild weekend, but it was great to catch up and see if London is all it’s cracked up to be.

I have to say, 2 for £10 cocktails that give a touch of a headache were pretty good.

And samples at Borough Market went down an absolute treat.

I’m not sure if I dressed better today than my normal, scruff bag look. Or if it was the breakfast prosecco. But people seemed to give more samples than usual, presumably thinking I had the cash to buy stuff.

Sorry to disappoint, I wish I did.

I could be given £200 to go in there and still want more. It is, so far, my favourite place in London.

One lovely lady gave me 10 different types of chorizo to try (I will go buy some the next time), another gave me 4 cheeses, one guy gave me chocolate brownies, and another had the most amazing mushroom paté (I was going to be a nice daughter and get it as a father’s day present and hope he’d share, but then I got distracted by more food).




We did buy olives. And incredible Ethiopian food.


Oh what a day.

Followed by a little wander round the Tate Modern, which was a little too busy for me. So the next time, I’ll go during the week, or earlier in the day.


Nice building though!


Till next time London, I’m off back to Edinburgh on my delayed train!

Thanks for having me Joey!


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