Riding the Recruitment Roller Coaster

Yes, the exciting New York related posts have pretty much ended and now it’s on to re-entry into Scottish life.

With the biggest bugbear coming from job applications.

After what is now approaching five weeks of job searching, I am none the wiser as to what you are supposed to say in applications, CV’s and cover letters.

Or what is a realistic salary expectation. I have been told what I need to live in London, but at a lower level in the creative world, that is a pretty big ask.

Without changing values and just taking something that pays well, I am (fairly happily) coming to realise I may be staying in Edinburgh.

How do you pitch yourself?

I know how to explain what I did, the tangible reward from it to the company and what I learnt from it.

But that doesn’t say anything about me.

Learning how to convince an employer that I am ridiculously organised, have an addiction to writing lists and colour coding isn’t exactly the normal thing to add to a cover letter.

Never mind getting onto my love of baking and ability to take a recipe and make it into a delicious cake.

And until a few weeks/months into a job they don’t need to know that I have an understanding of when to tell someone they’re making a bad decision without breaking their heart, compared to when to be counselling and considerate.

And there is no conventional way of explaining that I have an addiction to researching new places, until I present someone with a holiday itinerary of everything to do, when they only asked for a couple of bars to go to in New York.

And that I can quickly, very quickly, turn that organisation and research skill into a super power in the office.

The things I am interested in don’t necessarily fit together, but they work.

But without a stranger deciding you have the right credentials. How do you get them to know you are worth a shot before getting through the door?

New Approach Time

Now, I’m going to find a way to make new connections.




Teaching myself how to use analytics, or do online courses.

I want to try new things and meet new people.

Until I get in the door and people can see that I am a good asset, they are only going to see that I did 6 months here, 6 months there, and a year somewhere else. All in different places. But I made a big difference in all places.

So for now, I’ll keep my chin up, and keep searching for opportunities until the right thing comes along.

Hopefully something fun. And exciting. And educational.



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