Tourist in my city

Every time I go somewhere new, I feel bad that I haven’t spent as much time exploring Edinburgh and being excited about the many many things it has to offer

So I thought, on my return, it would be a good idea to join a free walking tour, or in some way make an effort to explore

This actually happening was somewhat helped by Jack making a trip to Scotland

And I learnt so much about the city:

  • That is clearly where I get my “why not?!” attitude from
  • There are so many random things just planted around the city because we wanted them – Greek looking statues, statues of people that have never been there, pubs named after people that never owned them or had anything to do with them, just cause why not honour them?
  • I discovered a bar that you can play skittles in
  • I remembered that Arthur’s seat is a bit of a monster to climb (at least the side with the stairs)
  • And how rubbish the story of Greyfriars Bobby is, but it’s cute so I guess it’s alright

I also realised that I like walking more than the bus, and that is mostly because I don’t know where it goes in the city and I never have the right change  (it’s not as convenient as New York, but that’s partly my laziness)

2 days in the city


  • Princes Street Gardens and Scottish Cafe (Wanted to do the Scot Monument but it was closed)
  • Walk up and around the castle, if I could justify the money I would’ve gone in, but for now I’ll give it a miss
  • Camera Obscura
  • 2.5 hour walking tour with a very Scottish guy from Lewis that knew everything about the city and loved it all (Highly recommended! “SANDEMANS, New Europe Tours)
  • Sandy Bells and Hanging Bat for a pint


  • Walk down the Royal Mile to the Parliament to cringe at the building and use the toilet
  • Arthur’s Seat for the heart attack and view
  • Sheep Heid Inn for a pint and a game of skittles
  • Very long walk back to the city
  • People watch in the Grass Market
  • Haggis, neeps and tatties made by pops
  • Hijack mum and the car to go see the Kelpies in Falkirk

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