Girls Weekends in Elie

Within 5 days of being back in Scotland, I’d already managed to go to London for two days, get picked up by a friend from the airport and then head up to Elie for a weekend of relaxation and catch ups with the girls

Conveniently timed for my return from New York, Lisa coming home from London and Clover’s birthday! What more reason could we need to celebrate?!

Granted, I was completely and utterly dead on my feet with jet lag and lack of sleep, but I was trying (really hard) to keep my eyes open and join in the fun

Our first night that was supposed to be relaxed with fish and chips for tea and then face masks, didn’t entirely go that way. Although both were included. It was more of a drunken free for all than expected, while we crowded over a tiny mirror in the kitchen covering our faces in random goop and hope it wouldn’t go everywhere.

A day in St. Andrew’s on the Saturday was a great addition.  My first non-NY brunch at Forgan’s. After order a bottle of Prosecco to make it a little more like what I’m used to, we were on our way! Aaaand I got to enjoy my first proper fry up in a year, with black pudding and tattie scones!

Before wandering around and buying ALL THE CHEESE that I. J. Mellis had to offer! This was the stuff dreams were made of. Really cheesy, delicious dreams.

And then obviously the last night was spent stuffing our faces with all the delicious treats we had bought.


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