I’ve been reading ‘Goodbye to all that’ since I got back from New York. 

Probably a stupid idea, basically holding on. 

But it’s a great book. A series of essays by writers that have lived in and left New York. And in some cases, left and returned, and left and returned, and innevitably left again. 

But this one paragraph is the one that has sunk in with me more than others at this particular time of transition. 

“That was the thing about New York. For most people who moved there from a smaller place, the way I did, things were never the same afterward. It was like a great love in your life that you could never forget, whether it had gone sour or not.” Janet Steen 

I spoke to my dad today during a trip to London to find my feet and work out next steps. And he just said I’d spoiled myself. 

To live and work in New York at 24. An incredible opportunity. 

But where next? 

That’s what I need to work out, before anything else. 


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