Driving on the wrong side of the road

Having never driven in a country other than the UK before, I was a little nervous about driving

Not to mention the concern that my mother thought I would more than likely kill myself

And everyone else on the road

Because she thought I had forgotten how to drive

Cheers maw!

In Reality

Fair enough, it took a little bit to get adjusted

Not only had I not driven on the other side of the road

I hadn’t driven for nearly 13 months

And never in an automatic

So, yeah, a few daunting factors

But after a few adjustments

Nearly driving into a badly positioned traffic cone

We were fine

FYI. The traffic cone was not my fault, the fucker was in the middle of the lane

I somehow swerved to miss it. And the big ass pick-up truck next to me.

I also took a little adjusting to get used to the lane position

Being very aware of the fact that every other driver on the road was probably looking at their left hand mirror from time to time

Whilst I was looking at the right, constantly, to make sure I wasn’t in the wrong lane!

Couple hours in, I was grand!

The Big Sur

That was tougher than I had imagined

Driving up to huge cliff faces and sheer drops and cars that haven’t worked out how to handle the road that are partly in the wrong lane (MY LANE)

On a poor night sleep

With a guy that can’t stop coughing – concern over Jack’s well being was the distraction, not the noise, I’m not that mean!

But it was so worth the exhaustion and the challenge

The views were incredible!

We drove it south to north, whereas it is recommended to do it north to south, and looking at it, I can understand why, but either way it is gorgeous, as long as you can stop to see it (as a driver)

But then you hit LA

How do you put into words the absolute madness that is driving in LA?!

Holy shit, that was brutal

For the most part, it wasn’t that bad, just busy and a little scary when I had to change lanes

But driving back down from Monterey, where the roads are long (like really, really, really long) and full of…. nothingness. Just sand, and some orange trees

And then you hit the back of the traffic

And the sat nav tells you to keep left and then all of sudden to keep right, but you haven’t noticed any change to road


[Slightly Mark Gorman-esq, but not as bad, on any scale]

And then you miss the turn

And it adds 40 minutes to your 6-hour journey

And then just exhaustion and denial

It’s a bit shit to be a driver in LA

And at night when there are a million headlights in your mirror and you can’t tell how close they are

That just makes you want to pee your pants

It probably helped

That I had lived in the US for a year before I got behind the wheel

Because I could get used to it and then it didn’t feel so bad

I think getting off a plane and then swapping sides immediately would be a bit horrific

Especially for people coming to Edinburgh, where you straight away hit about 20 roundabouts and nothing makes sense

Or if you land in California and you have to get out of LAX

Or if you got to New York. But then that’s your own stupid fault for even considering the idea of driving.


I just need to remember how to do it at home

Even just for crossing the road

Or getting in the passenger seat

But it should be OK, thanks to Chauffeur Jeana 😉



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