Whistle Stop

5 hours in Houston

We had a night bus from Austin to New Orleans with a stop in Houston

So we tried to make the most of it, walking down Main Street to Downtown

Although, knowing that it was about to get dark, we needed to eat, and we had big rucksacks, the amount we could do was pretty limited



Trusty Yelp recommended this place, and it looked pretty cool

It was lit up at the front and looked a little like a Tiki hut

They had a happy hour with $5 wine

And a Yelp deal that you could get $30 worth of food for $20

I opted for the Veggie Curry and Jack for the Pirie Pirie Chicken


Both were really good!


In the dark, with no idea where to go, it’s not ideal

We walked along to the water, and then realised it looked like the gathering place for homeless people

So very quickly just turned around and headed back to find a bar


A busy little bar

With beer and banana pudding


That was enough to keep me occupied for a couple more hours!


We had planned on spending a night in Houston to break up the travel between Austin and New Orleans

That was mostly just so we could go to the space centre

I now feel like it was probably a better idea to just have a brief stop!



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