New Appreciation for the Blues Harmonica

The harmonica, probably one of the most under-appreciated instruments in the world

Besides, you know, the recorder

Until you get to Beale Street, Memphis

And then it is phenomenal

A few of the musicians in the blues jam at the Rum Boogie Café came up to play harmonica

And to start, looking at it, I couldn’t fully understand

But then they started to play

And some of the solos were absolutely incredible

Some sounded like a train in a tunnel

Others like they were blowing kisses

Others just played really intensely, with a quiet guitar in the background

But all of it was amazing

It looks so weird, they basically huddle the harmonica in the crook of their hand and then balance the mic against the back of it

If it was me, it would all fall on the group and I’d have made a huge horrible noise before it all went wrong

Good on them

I told a colleague at Episcopal Charities that I got a harmonica for Christmas

And she said that as a receptionist in the past, she’d passed the quiet periods playing the blues

So this really made me think of her

I guess I’m gonna need to get practicing!

[Unfortunately none of my videos wanted to work… when I get this fixed, I will share]


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