Atlanta, GA

Within the first five minutes of arriving in Atlanta I had overheard three different conversations of people that had either just gone into prison, were in, or had just been released

Was feeling a little like my mother and having a bit of a panic about whether Atlanta was such a good idea – although less visibly panicking than she would be

By the time we arrived at our AirBnB out at Grant Park I was a little more reassured

We were staying in a cute little suburban house with a porch and a cat and a dog – who instantly wouldn’t leave us alone, so we probably broke every rule they had about letting them in our room

As we never headed out to explore until around 5pm, we weren’t entirely sure what to do


After about 5 hours on a bus, it seemed best to stretch our legs, so we headed for the walkway that runs around the city

Starting at the Krog Market for a cheeky pastry and stopping for a cider at Lady Bird pub not even a mile along the path – we were doing good at this walking stuff!

A little while down the path we passed another market – Ponce City Market – so we stopped for a little explore and an ice-cream

Then the best place to head next seemed like Downtown, although not knowing the area, we weren’t really sure where to go


We headed for the park with the Georgia Aquarium and Coca-Cola Museum as it looked pretty central

Then realising those things had closed and we would be too poor to go in anyway

So we started moving up through Centennial Park toward the huge Ferris Wheel and having a look at the Olympic statues from when it was hosted in Atlanta in 1996

At the top I spotted a horse and cart, but not just any cart, the back was like the princess carriage in Cinderella with the lights and everything!

Jack looked less than impressed with the idea of riding around Atlanta in a princess carriage, and really I didn’t want to go in, I just wanted to see his expression – it was as I expected.

Instead we went on the Ferris Wheel and watched the sunset – oh so romantic!

Before having a wander around and trying to work out where we should get some dinner

Unfortunately, when we realised we had no idea where to go and Yelp was looking fairly average for all choices, we opted for a curry house we’d walked past earlier – this was the closest thing we’d had to a British Curry since we’d arrived in the U.S.  so we couldn’t complain


Energy was dwindling a little after all the walking and travelling of the last few days, but there was one bar that we had been recommended and after looking at reviews we felt that we really should check it out

It was called ‘Sister Louisa’s Church’ or just ‘CHURCH’

And it was one of the most bizarre places I have ever seen

On all the walls there were painting and photos of Jesus with writing on them saying things like ‘Jesus loves a crack whore’

Easy to offend people, but also easy to entertain


We continued on the theme of going to somewhere that had been recommended, that was ‘Home Grown’

The speciality dish was called comfy chicken – I was a little sceptical but thought I may as well just try it

It was a biscuit cut open for the base, fried chicken and sausage gravy

Although it looked foul, it tasted delicious – this has been a common theme in the south

The restaurant itself was a mixed bag, at the start it looked like an old fashioned diner, but then when you walk through to the extension, it is a thrift shop and an old man playing keyboard and the xylophone for some atmosphere during your meal

We were also recommended to go to a place called ‘Ria’s Bluebird’ which I really wanted to go to since my sister’s name is never in anything, but the menu wasn’t wowing me!

Next stop


But first, some very in depth policies and introductions from the bus driver on Mega Bus

“Please do not smoke on the bus. Also, do not try to smoke or do illegal drugs in the toilet. If you do, you will bur the bus down, and I will make sure you are removed.”

“Also please watch out for other people on the bus, and be alert for any potential terrorists, I will have the authorities remove them if you find anyone suspicious.”

Hopefully we will make it to the next stop…


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