Why I love New York, Bucket List Day 

I had some holidays left to take, so the mediocrity of a Wednesday melted away this week

Instead, I walked, and walked, and walked

And saw what I had left, that were daft little New York things that after a small level of trying hadn’t successfully managed to get anyone to do with me

So I had a great day exploring on my own

I forgot how nice it is to spend time alone, just seeing where your feet take you, without any consideration of whether someone else is enjoying it, or has sore feet, or can keep up with my pace

The route:

  • Dominique Ansel Bakery

I was desperate to get a Cronut all year

But then my sister text me with about a millions pictures of the bakery

Saying I had to go

For her

You could tell, if it was in person, there would be major puppy dog eyes and a fat lip

So I really had to go, for the kid

And it was awesome


  • Chelsea Market 

I’ve been so many times I can’t count

But I wanted to get a couple of little nick nacks

And a ring from my grandparents – something that would make me remember the year

So I knew I had to go see Cynthia


  • The Strand Bookstore 

I’m not a reader, but I like the bookstore

And I wanted to say I got a $1 book

Or 2

Something to keep me amused on my many upcoming bus trips


  • Clinton Street Baking Company 

I’ve seen a lot of good stuff about this place

And I was desperate to go

But knowing that at the weekend you have to wait about 2 hours was making me push it back

So this was my last chance

And I just walked in and grabbed a seat at the bar

They’re famous for two things, Blueberry Pancakes and the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich

I’ve started to go off pancakes I think. So I opted for the biscuit sandwich

Biscuit (scone to us Brits), scrambled eggs, melted cheese, tomato jam, hash browns and Canadian bacon (for an extra $2.50)

Oh my days! It was so good

And I got to watch the chef make the pancakes behind the bar

I may have to do a separate post about this whole experience

(my phone died, so please forgive me for stealing someone’s photos)

  • Eileen’s Cheesecake 

I went on Sunday but was too hungover to really enjoy it

So I decided if I go past it, I have to go in

As I couldn’t remember what street it was on, and my phone had given up a lot earlier in the day

It was going to be sheer luck if I got there

And I did!

And it was incredible

  • Walked Lower Manhattan

By this point my feet killed and I was ready to get home for a cup of tea and put my feet up

But I was enjoying turning up any street that looked interesting

And something I really like about downtown, are the interesting water tower on top of buildings


And the new World Trade Centre travel hub opens Thursday afternoon, so that’s something for me to see on Friday!


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