Clinton Street Baking Company

One from the bucket list

I’ve read a lot about this place over the year and had to check it out for myself

A kind of modern day, upmarket, southern

It’s famed for having really long lines (2 hour waits at the weekends) as well as blueberry pancakes and biscuit sandwich

I got the biscuits

A biscuit cut in half, one side covered in tomato jam, the other scrambled eggs covered in melted cheese with bacon and hash browns


The restaurant is beautiful, the front corners are both fully glass, curved on the corner of the block

Which means it’s really bright and open and spacious, which was particularly good that I went on a sunny day


I sat at the bar, where I could watch the chef on a tiny flat top making pancakes


He was meticulous. He checked both sides of every thick, fluffy pancake to make sure it was fully cooked, no burnt bits and nothing that would make them look anything less than perfect

Just past him there was a baked goods cabinet full of unbelievably delicious looking pies and layer cakes


Which I would’ve had a hard time choosing between had I not been completely stuffed

Only points note besides the long waits – during daytime hours, they only take cash

Fantastic place to go, any time of day – they do breakfast or dinner too!


2 thoughts on “Clinton Street Baking Company

  1. That breakfast looks really good! I hope to visit New York in the next year after grdauation, maybe I’ll stop by!


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