Why I love New York, Sunday 28 

Reason 1:

Random things you can find dotted around

I went to the Lowline

A little “underground” garden that’s in a disused subway car station – it’s technically ground level in a warehouse

It used to hold the trains when they weren’t out

And now there is a crazy little garden project where Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are testing what can grow

I thought it would be bigger, but I was still pretty impressed


Reason 2: 

Not only are there random things underground, but on top of buildings to amuse people that are higher up

Statue of Lenon in the Lower East Side

Reason 3: 

Getting into restaurants that are notoriously difficult

And then they’re fantastic, fun, delicious, and a little out the ordinary

Definitely entertained me pulling apart my dinner and getting splattered in the face with crawfish as I squeezed the claws too hard

Reason 4:

Ok, I had to add an extra

When you walk round the corner and discover Eileen’s cheesecake

I didn’t know what it was at first, but if there’s a queue for something in New York, generally it’s a good sign

The. Best. Cheesecake. Ever.

I will find a way to go back and truly enjoy some more

Not feeling it so much 

When you look at the calendar and it says February, but you’re sweating your ass off and carrying your jacket

After it being freezing the day before

This weather is too similar to Edinburgh!


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