Why I love New York, Monday 29 

Leap day! It’s a free day in New York that I wouldn’t get three quarters of the time!

So even if I do nothing today, I’m still here!

The other way to look at it, it’s another day to pay for being in New York… but screw it! I’m happy!


The city feels different just now, maybe because I’m trying to see it all

But also because the weather has stopped being GREY

And the light is hitting everything and making it look beautiful 🙂

So I got a healthy Dig Inn lunch and sat in the window



I went to Comedy Cellar to see Jimmy Carr

Little piece of home, that I have somehow seen twice this year, but only ever on the TV at home

And I got a seat in the front row!


Good reviews from the boss that top off the year on a high

And she told me she’d get me Girl Scout cookies! Easy pleased with one last cultural reference

Ain’t my cuppa tea 

When the train home is so busy I have to run up and down next to every carriage and can’t fit anywhere

But that would happen anywhere

Instead I got to see the pretty view of the city on my walk from Hoboken


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