Why I love New York: Saturday 27

Reason 1: 

Lovely days out exploring Brooklyn with Joey and Helen

It was such a beautiful day and I wanted to walk the Manhattan Bridge – everyone (including me) always walks the Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s just so busy and difficult

So this time I wanted to be a little different

And make myself a little deaf – disadvantage was the roaring noise of the subway going across every few minutes


Reason 2: 


We decided to take a trip to Brooklyn Brewery to tick off some stuff from the bucket list, when I realised that The Wythe, Brooklyn Bowl and Brooklyn Brewery were all within a second of each other – how did it take me so long?!

When we remembered that Joey doesn’t drink beer, Helen and I made our own little beer tasting session

And watched a dog get drunk…

And got t-shirts 🙂

It’s just a shame that they don’t do more with the space, it has so much potential, but ends up just feeling like a warehouse with some benches – one step too hipster

Reason 3: 

Cafe Mogador

This was the first I’d heard of it, we were between this and barbeque, so thought we’d be a little more adventurous – Moroccan!

When we got there, it was an adorable little restaurant with a sheltered area out the back that would be great in the summer

We opted to share a few starters – halloumi, falafel and shrimp with flat breads and humus

And then two steaks and a chicken from the tandoor

This was a delicious meal, finished off nicely by being ‘propositioned’ by the waitress, into moving table for a complimentary cocktail or dessert

Dark and Stormy please!


Things I won’t miss so much 


Being asked why you didn’t tip more, was the service not up to your liking?

It was great, I gave 15%, if you think it’s better – pay your damn staff!

I look forward to 10% being a compliment!


The unpredictability of the L train and the hundreds of people that get on at every stop!


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