Why I love New York, Friday 26

Reason 1: 

It is perfectly acceptable to wear what you want, act however you want, and subtly take pictures of people doing it

From the crazy clothes people wear to the annoying sound of the doors closing on the subway and hearing “hello ladies and gentleman” and the boom box starting


Reason 2: 

The bagels. Oh my God, the bagels.


Absolute bagels, on 107 and Broadway, in particular.

For an everything, toasted with cream cheese

Reason 3: 

Another subway related one

When random shit just appears in the station, or I notice signs I’ve never seen before



But things that are annoying as !$@&

Subway diversions that start earlier than they say when your cold and exhausted

Diversions suck at the best of times, but they’re worse when they then get screwed up

And then you have screechy girls on the same carriage


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