One of the most entertaining dining experiences I’ve ever had

Despite being so hungover it’s not even funny – although I was trying to make it hilarious

The place opens at 4 and you can’t book a table

I tried this for Valentines, but I got the time wrong and thought it was 5pm, by which point there was a 2 hour wait

So yesterday we managed it, standing outside with the first 10 tables

The restaurant is bigger than I thought, stretching all the way back with a tiny, exposed kitchen at the back

Where you can see the fridges full of shellfish

At each table there is a brown paper table cloth, water glasses and a bucket

We ordered the calamari and then the crawfish and shrimp combo with house sauce and medium spice

I was a little too rough for soft calamari, but was I hell letting my hangover ruin the main


The waiters came round with little basket to break up the shells into, rubber gloves and bibs

This was clearly going to be messy

It came out in a clear plastic bag swimming in sauce with some corn and potatoes chucked in

It was incredible

Watching jacks face as he realised he really did not know how to de-shell anything, so just playing with them

And then me discovering I knew how to do it, but not how to explain it

We called over the waitress for an expert demonstration

This was definitely one of the most interesting and exciting eating experience I’ve had I New York, if not ever

I may have to go back again on a non-hangover day in the next 2 weeks so I can really enjoy it


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