Wandering for days 

A girly day of brunch, wandering the Upper East Side, drooling over cupcakes, and taking cable cars to Roosevelt Island 

Sometimes you just need a day with the girls, with no specific plan to find new things and go on random adventures 

Although we had planned to go to the Jewish History museum timings didn’t really work out 

Instead we decided to wander the upper east side after brunch as we realised we never really had 

Which quickly seemed ridiculous as it is such a nice, peaceful area 

Made better by Two Little Red Hens bakery full of baked delights that we stocked up on 

As we were walking, we noticed the tram to Roosevelt Island and thought it would be rude not to take a trip 

Having been to see it in summer, it didn’t look as nice now, but it was still good to get a different perspective of the city 

This just made me realise how much I’m going to miss New York when I leave and how quickly it’s approaching 

March 10 is going to be a really crappy day 



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