Denes Varjol

The piano man at Carnegie Hall 

I think pianists may be a little too hard core for me 

They don’t really do anything, just sit and stomp their feet and jiggle their chin a bit 

I wanted him to jump around and swing his arms and maybe do a little dance 

Never mind 

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. The music was really beautiful and peaceful 

And when I just focused on his feet I enjoyed the music more 

It must be pretty painful to be a piano man, hunched over the piano all the time, he had terrible posture! 

But he made nice music, I just didn’t know what any of it was 

Every now and again he’d get a bit excited and tip tap his feet a few extra times, or swing his arm up and down 

And then it would get all quiet and peaceful with just a note ringing through the room until “kadoosh” it would start loudly again and another song would break out 

It’s not really one for the young’ins 

I could only see me, Jack and the guy beside me that kept falling asleep 

By the second half one guy kept check where we were in the program, hack kept checking the time and another guy kept burying his head in his hands and sighing – really easy atmosphere to appreciate music 

But jack wanted to see a pianist so I got tickets for Christmassurely had to be better than filing tax forms?! 


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