Another Britishism

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day/Fat Tuesday was on Tuesday 

To mark the start of lent 

In the UK common practice is to make pancakes and put everything on them to be extra glutinous before 40 days of restricting something or in some way being a better version of yourself 

I thought, until Tuesday, that this was an international thing to have pancakes

Or that at the very least, Americans wouldn’t be really confused when I mentioned the prospect 

But, alas, they had no idea 

The concept of having a particularly luxurious meal before giving something up was understood and practiced, but not specific to pancakes 

When looking for information about churches on Wednesday I did then find some that did a pancake dinner 

Fortunately, there are so many pancake houses in America that it really isn’t matter

Although I probably would have preferred to make them myself 

I still haven’t decided what I’ll do for lent, and I really should decide 

But here are my thoughts: 

  • I have about 60 days left in America
  • So am I hell giving up some kind of food that I might not get a home 
  • I will soon be without a gym/pool so increasing exercise is a little unlikely 
  • I already scrimp and budget to a ridiculous level so realistically, I can’t do any more of that 
  • Any suggestions? 

And this was post 100!!!!


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