The boy did good

Last week Jack told me to keep Thursday night free as he had made plans for us

But I wasn’t getting to know what they were

My only clues were:

  • It’s between 34th and 59th street and 3rd and 8th avenue – pretty large area!
  • Small portions and drinks
  • They have pate and peppers
  • And Paris (WTF?!) – this one was taken back when he was sober and had no idea what it was related to
  • It’s fancy so wear a dress

This was the third surprise location date he’d planned, and I’d sussed two of them – in my defense they were things we’d been talking about and then abruptly never mentioned again

So this time I wasn’t trying not to guess

Thursday night rolled around and I had absolutely no clue where we were going

When he showed up in a suit, tie and smart shoes I knew we really were going somewhere fancy

We decided to meet at The Refinery Rooftop for a couple of drinks first


And then headed to the subway at 34th – at this point I only had one idea (The Plaza) because of the subway we were getting, but figured it wouldn’t be there

Got off at 59th and Central Park, and he walked me round in circles to throw me off the scent

Walking past a ‘Paris’ sign at the theatre showing the Carole King Musical – subliminal messaging

We arrived at The Plaza


As part of restaurant week they were doing a food and cocktail matching menu

We both had roasted peppers with a margarita to start – so tasty, but I had no idea if I was supposed to use a knife and fork, or my fingers. So fingers won!

I immediately just thought the intent of the date was to get me hammered

Then pate on toast with a gin cocktail and Jack had mini burgers and a negroni – which he quickly learnt wasn’t the drink for him


And then we both had the chocolate, caramel and peanut tart

I had it with a whisky and Drambuie cocktail and he had something similar to a gimlet

We obviously both took it in turns to go exploring around the main areas of the hotel and pretend we were super fancy

The hotel wasn’t what I expected – at least from the filming of Home Alone 2 (Jack’s inspiration to go) but I don’t even know if it was actually filmed there or if they just said it was

The bar area was a little quiet and lifeless, but the food and drinks were so good and I was so excitable that it didn’t matter

Thank you Jack 🙂



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