When familiar becomes alien 

Recently there’s been uncertainty in the air among Mountbatten’s

The start of the new year marked the transition to the next stage and the end of our time in New York

For some that’s a case of seeing the last things on the bucket list before time runs out

For others, realising they didn’t make the most of it and scrambling to make up time

And for everyone, stressing the F@$& out about jobs and flats and doing whatever it takes to not grovel to the parents for money to get by and a place to stay for more than a few weeks

Plus planning a little bit of travel with what small part of the savings weren’t blown in the last 11 months

During the process of looking for jobs and flats and what general prospects I have

I have found myself going to British shops to get myself excited about what I’ll get at home

A kind of unwinding 

But I’ve found what used to be the most normal things at home make me really uneasy just now

A few weeks ago I had a few situations of being surrounded by people that had really strong London accents (non-Mountbatten’s)

And today I freaked when I walked past a stranger with an accent from the Scottish Highlands

I know New York is cosmopolitan and full of tourists, but for some reason people from the UK are seriously making me lose my shit

There’s the other issue, that despite not wanting to waste time before I leave, I just don’t know what I still want to do, and want to have the best last 4 weeks, but also just want to nap

I’ll just keep thinking of the positives for when I get back and it might make it easier

  • Chippy
  • Good tea and coffee
  • NHS (never thirty I’d say that)
  • Biscuits
  • Percy pigs
  • And obviously family and friends

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