Il Trovatore

Tonight I thought I would take myself to the Opera

I could’ve gone with someone, but thought it would be nice to go and not think about whether the other person was enjoying it 

(When I told my dad this I don’t think he could believe it – gone is the girl that didn’t like performing arts)

I bought a rush ticket at lunch for $25 

Which got me a seat toward the back of the orchestra – but there was clearly space for me to sit closer 

I was hoping to be about 3 rows forward – just so I could get away from the upper level blocking some of the sound 

But it wasn’t to be 

This is the second time I’ve been, and the set alone makes it worth going to the Opera at the Lincoln Centre

It looks incredible 

The Opera itself

Luckily I read the description before it started or I’d be oblivious 

It’s about a gypsy woman who was burnt at the stake because she supposedly cursed a little boy and her daughter was sworn to avenge her death 

All very dramatic 

But everything about it was dramatic 

The daughter had a son who died in the war, but didnt, they got it wrong 

And he fell in love with the girl that lived in the fancy mansion

But the brother of the one the gypsy killed also loves her 

And then there’s a sword fight 

They all have so many feelings 

Her life isn’t worth living  if she can’t be with him 

And if he can’t go tell her he’s still alive then he will die of heart break 

And if she can’t be with him but can’t kill herself, then oh yeah, let’s become a nun 

But wait, he’s actually still alive, so let’s just kill the other guy 

This is tough to keep up with 

So then the gypsy daughter is caught and sentence to death 

And the two get married 

But then he runs away to save his mum because he knew her first, and Italian son must love Italian mother 

And then there’s even more crazy plot twists 

While they sing amazing songs in Italian with big roaring voices 

How do they do that?! I would collapse or suffocate 

And this time I pretty much kept up with the subtitles and managed to watch it 


Maybe I’ll go back before I leave NY and get a seat nearer the front…


One thought on “Il Trovatore

  1. Well done There’s performing art and there’s Opera. That’s hard core. I was at the Theatre as I am 3 night’s running for The James Plays by National Theatre of Scotland. 7 and a half hours of the history of James I, II and III in the 15th century. James I was brilliant.

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