NYC Restaurant Week, #2 

New York does Restaurant Week twice a year, once in summer (mid-August) and once in winter (January)

Some of the most difficult, and expensive restaurants open their doors with a reduced priced menu

$25 3 course lunch

$38 3 course dinner

So regular Joe’s can go and enjoy their food

This seemed like the perfect excuse to go out for a three course steak dinner – something I really cannot afford to do on a stipend

We tried it in August, and had a great meal at Maloni and Porcelli, but when I was looking forward to a steak and got roast beef I wasn’t as pleased

Plus crutches made the experience a little difficult

This time, we went to Capital Grille at Time Life

When we arrived there was a long wait for the table (about 25 minutes later than out reservation) but I was given a glass of complimentary champagne so I really wasn’t complaining

When we got to the table I was handed an iPad that worked as a drinks list – so fancy – by a very nice waiter who explained the menu

I opted for the clam chowder, porcini rubbed tenderloin (with mash and green beans) and creme brûlée

Couldn’t fault it

The chowder came in a dinky little cup with a little packet of New England crackers

The steak was incredible, two tenderloins of beef fillet, cooked medium with some tomatoes, mash and beans

It was so tender it just disappeared into my belly 🙂

And made Jack jealous with his less tender strip steak

And then the brûlée, I could’ve eaten over and over again

Thank you Restaurant Week for letting me have nice food


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