All the chicken (and calories) 

Last night I went to Amy Ruth’s in Harlem for dinner

Oh my God. So much food!

So much good food

As usual, despite looking at the menu 3 times before getting there, I couldn’t decide what to have

Fried chicken, honey dipped, chicken and rib combo, smothered and waffles, the choices were endless and all I knew was I wanted a side of mac and cheese

Thanks to a well timed Yelp recommendation and a lovely waitress, I went for the smothered chicken and waffles

(There was too much to fit it in one photo)

I still don’t really understand what the sauce is on smothered chicken, but it tastes awesome

Although the bones in it were unexpected

The waffle, holy crap, the waffle, was like a giant delicious cloud

In the past when I’ve had them, they’ve been too think and heavy

Not here

Definitely worth going for what they know they’re good at

Jack went for the honey dipped, which was delicious, but too sweet for a whole portion


And I had so much left that I have a box of dinner for tonight!


Diet out the window – but totally worth it!


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