Well that was a storm

America’s funny about weather

It’s like a hobby

I’ve seen it before, during hurricane season in Florida, they track it, every movement

And the weather guys freak the shit out of you so you think it’s the apocalypse, when it may only be a tiny little storm

So I was pretty excited to see what they’d do for this




It was my amusement while I was in the gym, watching it on the little TV

“All the snowplows are out” – literally ALL the plows.

“6 people are dead”, “9 people are dead”


At this point I realised I should maybe take it more seriously and go buy food

To find a very rammed ShopRite


They only said 5-12 inches of snow – this seemed an overreaction

I have to admit I was a bit concerned when I saw everyone stocking up on paper plates and water – like power was going to be affected?


The snow started lightly at 10pm

I woke up at 3am to check, it was definitely still snowing

Then at 7am, I couldn’t see Manhattan

Then by 9am I wanted to go out and play, but the gym was closed so I had no real reason to risk my life


“do not travel”, “do not go outside” 

2pm, PATH preparing to shut down

2.30pm, no unauthorised vehicles on the road

So the girls ordered a pizza – poor delivery man

4pm, train and subway services shutting down

So what do I do?

Obviously, I go run around in the snow


Cause I had to know what a blizzard felt like

It felt fucking cool

Then there was a report to say the 40mph winds could tear down power lines


Paper plates makes sense now!

It was all just a really good excuse to curl up under a blanket for a day, make nice food, watch movies and drink beer

And then jump in GIGANTIC piles of snow up to my waist

All the snow

On Sunday the news came out there had been 26.8 inches of snow fall in Central Park

The second worst storm to hit New York since 1888, by 0.1 inches

5-12 inches, my ass!


Why could we not have just had 0.2 inches more?!

It would’ve been fun to say I’d been here for the worst one!

Thanks Jonas, it was great seeing my first blizzard, and surviving

igloodating app storm


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