Drunk Shakespeare 

After hearing a lot of good reviews, I thought I’d check it out when my friends visited in December

Although I only know about 2 Shakespeare plays, I got the impression that wasn’t really important

The way it works 

One actor is nominated to be the drunk one, and they start the performance by having 4 shots of whisky – they pull someone out the audience to have one, to prove its not just brown juice

(The drunk also drinks during the show)

And then they announce what Shakespeare play they are going to act out

This time it was Macbeth

Which I really don’t know, at all

And the last thing before they started, was to auction off a throne for two people to sit in

They could make decisions about when the drunk person had to drink, plus they got champagne and crowns


The show was pretty confusing

Everyone was excitedly jumping around, talking nonsense and then reciting pieces from Macbeth and then the drunk guy would have to drink again

It would’ve been better if there was one drunk guy, and everyone else was very serious about the play

Instead it was like watching 5 drunk children, who really knew Shakespeare, except 4 were sober

It was still good, just not quite what I was expecting

The Set

The play was set in a ‘library’

Book shelves made up the sections of the room, sectioning off the stage and the bar

And some of the books had cans of beer in them

There were seats (stools and sofas) running round the inside, and then bar tables on the upper level, and the acting happened in the middle

We had booked a seat at a bar table, and got bumped up to a stage side stool

The downside of a big ass…

When your the last one to sit and the stools are so closely packed together, there is no chance your staying seated – or getting on your seat in the first place

I fell off every time someone laughed (so, very regularly) and then just perched in between – a little awkward and uncomfortable

But I’d go back, and hope for a sofa 🙂

GroupOn do half price tickets!


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