The time I ate Pittsburgh 

Not a place that was on my list of destinations before I arrived I America

But with a manager that grew up there and visits regularly, he’s tried to sell it for the the last 10 and a half months

So I figured I may as well give it a bash

He gave me a list of things to check out and I got through what I could in a weekend


  • Strip District – Busy area, with market stalls and Steelers merchandise stores

“The Canal Street of Pittsburgh, but not Chinese”


  • Pamela’s Diner: American diner with a breakfast that’ll keep you full for days


  • Heinz Museum: I was hopeful that this would be a building full of ketchup, but part of the building was acceptable. The rest was about the history of Pittsburgh.


  • Wyndham Grand Hotel: Extremely comfy beds for a nap and a movie on a cold afternoon – and they very kindly let us check in 9 hours early, at 6am!


  • Sienna on the Square: Nice little Italian, homemade pasta, good service, reasonable price.
  • NOLA: Jazz bar. When we walked in the guitarists was playing on top of a table. And then they brought up Mr B to play (meant nothing to me, may have been a local celebrity – still, very good!)
  • Howl at the Moon: Live band, alternating instruments and singing on pianos. $5 cover, $4 beers.


  • Andy Warhol Museum: Walked his bridge to see it, but decided $10 was more than we fancied spending.

  • National Aviary: better choice. I got to crawl through a tunnel and be face to face with a penguin. Learn about flamingos. Walk through the birds and not get crapped on.

 IMG_0323[1] IMG_0345[1]

  • University of Pittsburgh, Nationality Rooms: I got to go to Scotland! This is the tallest University in the world, so we tried to get to the top, but instead crept around the 36th floor and played with the fancy lift.


  • The Original Hot Dog Shop (The Dirty O): This is a small fries, that’s all that needs to be said.


  • The Steelers lost 😦
  • Duquesne Incline: Very old railway/cable car that runs to the top of Mt. Washington. For $5 round trip you see a nice view of the city – even if it is ridiculously cold.



  • Primanti Brothers: “The Pitts-Burger” thick white bread, burger, cheese, fries, coleslaw/cabbage, tomato. Best sandwich ever.

IMG_0463[1]  IMG_0457[1]


  • Greyhound buses are more comfortable, have the things they say, generally run to time, and have less sketchy characters
  • Priceline is the way to book hotels – but I’d worked that out already
  • Pittsburgh is worth at least a weekend of your time to explore – but in summer, not -12
  • Pittsburgers say stuff weird
  • And Steeler fans can make anything about their team, even a Lady Gaga song: listen here

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