Monster Truck Christmas 

Yes, of course the less than desirable luck continues

After lots of Christmas planning and booking the car and trying to decide whether to get a bigger one or just hope for the free upgrade 
Christmas morning arrived 

And Mikaela and Alex went to pick up the car 

To discover there were no cars 

Yes, that is correct, we booked a car and there wasn’t one to be seen, anywhere 

Fortunately I wasn’t there to strangle the poor bugger that had to share the bad news 

To their credit, they called everywhere and got us a car 10 miles away 

But not just any car 

A pick up truck 

An absolute monster 

This car could probably crush some of the other cars that we took to Christmas 

This thing was a dream 

Heated seats, spacious, even though everything was inside because there was no cover on the boot and rain was forecast 

And Mikaela successfully drove the most nervous passenger (me) without complaint – only bad singing 


So just to add to the American-ness of the experience 

We filled the boot with beer and turkey!


(There was more beer than that) 

And off to Vermont we went 🙂 


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