Still broke

Last night there was a Power Ball (lottery) worth $1.5 billion or something ridiculous 

(But significantly less after tax – stupid Government) 

So a little bit of research and turns out we’re eligible – not the norm on my visa when it comes to money in America 

I took a longer trip home so I could find somewhere selling a ticket – a shop marked by a lottery sign that is too small to fit the full number in, because it was never expected to be worth so much 

Seven eleven! 

I stood in line – because there’s always a line in New York – for 2 $2 games 

Very reserved compared to the girl in front of me that got 9…

Nearly lost my chance when my purse was nearly empty and it was cash only 

Scrambled for pennies and there it was, my chance at no longer have to scramble for pennies! 


11.20pm: checked the numbers 

11.21pm: unsurprising loss 

Maybe if I’d picked my own numbers there would have been more luck…

I guess I’ll just have to keep surviving stipend life for another couple of months 


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