Nutcracker Rouge

Hands down the best thing I’ve been to see since I arrived in New York

I’ve wanted to go see a burlesque show since I got here

But this was way more than I expected

Company XIV take over the Minetta Lane Theatre and make it into a little nipple tasseled dungeon

When you walk in your taken over by the smell and the smoke of incense

After taking my seat I noticed people walking around in silk robes at the stage edge and practicing pole dancing at the back

Then the show started

A mixture of men and women and hosted by a loud, flamboyant, larger than life lady with an incredible voice


I realised I do not know the story of the Nutcracker, at all – so that bit made little to no sense to me

But the performances were great


I’m not really sure what I expected, as I’ve only been to burlesque once – and even then it was two dancers on a small stage at my aunt and uncle’s silver wedding party

But this was more, way more

There was tap dance, ballet, opera singing, flips around a swing hanging from the ceiling, tricks in a hoop dangling over a mirror and tricks in silk ropes


And dancing around dressed as poodles with dildo’s

Balance… Skills and hilarity…


There was never a moment where you weren’t looking around the stage to see what random thing someone was doing

And then all of a sudden it got a bit weird

And then a bit romantic

And then it was Christmas

Definitely go and see it!

I’m going back for Snow White in January


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