Niagara Falls, ON

It’s been around 8 years since I went to Toronto and Niagara on a school trip


(Just a little different…)

They could technically make it sound educational to parents pitching it as a lesson about rock formation for geography

It was a jolly

But anyway, I’ve been keen to go for a visit since I arrived in New York, mainly to see if my perception has changed since then

Or if it had changed

It hadn’t

Still a pretty tacky town, although this time I didn’t venture to the most tacky street

It was a flying visit, leaving New York by car on Saturday morning (a little later than planned) and coming back mid afternoon on Sunday

The falls look as impressive as I remember, although far more so during the day when you can really see them, than at night with illuminations


We did the trip behind the falls, standing at the bottom and looking up to the fall, and walking along a couple of tunnels that look out to the water

I still didn’t have a chance to take a trip on one of the boats, Maid of the Mist had finished for the season, and there just wasn’t the time to go on the Hornblower

I can’t get over how loud and powerful the sound of the water is, thundering down

Even at night when you can hardly see it, you can still hear it


I’d like to go back in winter when the mist is frozen to see what it looks like – the photos at least made it look very impressive

So who knows, maybe when I’m off for a bit in January I’ll get a chance to go for another visit


We stayed in a motel about a 10 minute drive away from the Falls. Pretty basic, very basic.

But did the job, somewhere to shower, rest, eat ALL the breakfast and get us ready to set back off for some adventuring

If I had more time I would’ve gone to Niagara on the Lake, walked the Rainbow Bridge and gone on a boat trip, but a day just isn’t enough to fit everything in

We spent a lot of time at the casino, wandering around the complex

And I did my first bit of official gambling!

The people all seemed so much nicer in Canada, taking the piss out of American’s on the border crossing. It was a shame to come back to rude New Yorkers…


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