The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

This one’s a funny one

(Not funny, “haha” but funny “hmm, I’m not so sure”)

You are asked to arrive for 3pm, no later than 3.15 to queue for a ticket

So I did that, got handed a ticket straight away, and told to come back at 4.15

If I worked closer, I could’ve gone back to work

Instead I just wandered

Went back at 4.15 to stand in another line, outside, until 5 before going in

I immediately realised how much better the holding rooms are – this is just uncomfortable, and boring

When we got in we were shown to our seats in the upstairs of the theatre – it was freezing!

I could see stuff at the back of the stage, but not the front

My first impression, we were probably the youngest people in the crowd – it is obviously the late show for the older crowd, with James Cordan for the young ones

The warm up comedian was pushing it by saying he was a comedian, he just asked people questions about their life, and then tried to make people laugh through discomfort

The show itself was focused heavily on the attacks in Paris, as it was the first show since

Which was good to see they had put a lot of effort into being respectful and dealing with the situation at hand

Watch here…

Although it made it way more serious than I had expected

The interview with Bill Maher was hilarious, if any of it was usable I will be very surprised – I need to find it just to see the wonder of the editing session

The show finished with the Acro Cats

Rescue cats that have been taught tricks and perform. At least that’s the hope. If they leave the cage it’s a good start

This time, they struggled to leave the cage

They were supposed to perform an assault course. Instead it was more Stephen Colbert prancing around with cat ears on to try and make light of the situation

Then they were a band, the one with the cow bell – loud cow bell – was the only one that was really getting the point of the game

Good fun, educational. But I think I prefer Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers


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