Late Night with Seth Meyers

Getting to be a bit of a regular at this

3 TV shows in a month

And twice I have won the tickets!

I won something! That never happens!

The same process as Jimmy Fallon – same building, different studio

This time I was at the front again! But on a raised area, so I could see past the crew – much better way to do it

Sean Diddy Combes ** P Diddy/Puff Daddy – singer, entrepreneur extravaganza!

On to promote ceroc apple vodka – his favourite flavour and being brutally embarrassed about falling down a hole on stage – he was a lot more entertaining that I expected him to be!

Jaimie Alexander from Blindspot had some really interesting stories about tattoos being attached with yeast cream…

And getting stuck in a duffle bag, naked in Times Square, in March. Do not envy her for that one! It’s bad enough fully clothed in March!

And the best bit, when police arrived at her hotel after construction workers on the World Trade Centre saw a collection of large guns through the open window. She was “getting training for filming”

Finishing off with music from Gary Clark Jr, I still have no clue who this guy was… Or if that was his name.

And then there was just the Seth Meyers type bits to join it all together, taking the piss out of his ‘nephew’

And ‘Ya Burn’ ripping Halloween games, like dooking for apples – because kids are happy to eat their fruit to start with… lets try drown them too…

Till next time NBC…


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