Halloween in NY

Bad planning and lack of money didn’t exactly work in my favour for Halloween

I’m not really one for organised fun, so the idea of planning Halloween weeks before didn’t really appeal

By the time I got round to it, I’d missed my chance

Plus I wanted to spend some time at the parade, which wouldn’t have happened if I’d gone to an event

And I was too skint to buy a ticket

So instead, I got dressed up and went to the parade and decided everything would just have to work out after

And it did


The parade

Is madness. The streets are packed. Everyone is dressed up.

The people of the street, in some cases, looked better than the people in the parade – which is just made up of people going to watch it that get there early enough to join in

But people get a little too into it sometimes

I was getting a bit freaked out, especially when I passed someone on the street battering a metal baseball bat off the pavement

I wouldn’t want to bump into him again a couple of hours later when he’d had a few more drinks

The parade itself wasn’t quite as exciting as I had hoped it would be, I think because so many people just come off the street, they’re just having a wander around

Every so often something would happen that would spike the energy, like a float going down for one of the main parties, blaring music

Or belly dancers on the roof of a bus…

Night Life & Costumes 

All the bars were crazy busy, and extortionate

So we found one with cheap cover and sat watching drunk people fall around and tried to work out what the costumes were

Turns out, in New York, people really love Trader Joe’s – dressing up as a shopping bag, or carrying queue flags around

There’s always the drunk slut in an animal costume, no matter where you go

I couldn’t really understand a few of the local ones, sports players/New York stuff/American stuff, it was just a bit weird

This year seemed to have a lot more skeleton’s than normal. Not just here – everyone on Facebook and Instagram was a damn skeleton

I went old school for the vampire/dead thing, with a respectably slutty dress 😉

Maybe a little too slutty as I got checked out by 3 different girls at the bar. All in a days work…. bin bag next time…


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