American Healthcare     

I never thought I’d miss the NHS, or the British healthcare system

But trying to battle with insurance; get appointments; pay for everything; and the constant miscommunication and change in information

I do miss it

I now realise just how helpful (although slow and laborious) the NHS was

Four months on from being hit by a car and I now fully understand just how annoying this system is

Made considerably more stressful by having next to no money on a tiny stipend that just about covers a basic life in New York, never mind paying health care fees too

After a little while of feeling like things were under control, I have suddenly been hit by the overwhelming feeling that I have no idea how this works

And asking people what they know of the situation just raises greater concern that nobody knows how it works, because really, it doesn’t

It doesn’t even begin to work

Today I learnt that while I have been getting sent things to say nobody would pay, and I just sat on it thinking it was automatically getting sent to someone that would, it wasn’t

I have to call EVERYONE to get them to send bills in every direction and back to me and basically waste all the trees and the time so that maaaaybe someone will cover my healthcare

But whether that’s right, I am still to find out

Probably the hard way

Before all of this I just figured homeless people were homeless because they were on drugs, they had done something stupid, or they did something to bring it on themselves

Now I realise that was a pretty unfair judgements

Granted, that probably is the case for many

But not all

Realistically, a large number probably got dealt a pretty shit card, and ended up with a situation they had absolutely no way of getting out of, and nobody made it easy for them


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