The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

My first TV filming experience

I was so excited

The anticipation of going to wait in a line for a ticket and you might get turned away if you’re too far back in the line – even with a general admission ticket

Luckily we got through

And our ticket had the letter F written on the front

We immediately thought we were going to be at the front

And then a big whack of panic made us think that maybe it actually meant full

It didn’t… We checked

After an hour of sitting around getting excited in the holding room, we were ushered to the lift and up to see Jimmy, constantly being reminded we couldn’t use our phone or take any photos

The F did mean front!

The room was freezing!

It was explained that with all the lights and cameras and crew it had to be icy cold so nothing would overheat and break

So we’d have to be an energetic audience to stay warm

The warm up comedian was hilarious

And then the show started

Miley Cyrus dressed in yellow, with bunny ears

Talking about painting her pigs toe nails and it chasing her round the house for peaches…

Sam Rockwell promoting his new Broadway performance

Before doing a wee dance, throwing his hat and Veronica casually catching it…


And then the chef from Mission Cantina – instead of Disclosure – FREE BURRITOS!!!

Sitting at the front was pretty cool, you could see all the camera crew moving to signals and the intricate details of dusting the table and moving the mug in ad breaks

But it was a bit annoying when you couldn’t really see the guests because the camera man’s fat ass was in the way


Such a fun and random evening

But I missed the high 5, tragic fail, right at the end

missed high 5

And then a drink with a view 🙂



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