The Feast of Saint Francis

Cathedral of St. John the Divine


On Sunday 4 October, there was a mass at St John the Divine Cathedral for the Feast of St Francis

Working at the cathedral, I was invited by the Bishop as his guest at the mass

I overlooked it a little when the invite came through, thinking I’d probably be hungover on the Sunday morning and I didn’t fancy getting to 110th because it would be a nightmare

Then my boss explained to me a couple of days later what the mass was all about, with the opening line “Amy, you like to do lots of random stuff in the city, have you heard about this?”

So after she explained that it was a blessing for animals and there had been an elephant in the church in the past, I was straight on the phone to the bishop

A few days later I got an extra ticket to take someone with me as it sounded like the type of experience to share, if nothing else just so people wouldn’t think I’d been on drugs when I explained it

So we went to mass on Sunday

And the first experience was going to the toilet, and passing a parrot


Then it started. And there were dancers, crawling around like dogs, while the violin sounded like a wolf howl

This definitely made the service more interesting than normal. Especially considering it was on for 2 hours

And then, in strolls a camel.


And 2 llamas


And the biggest turtle I’ve ever seen


And something must have pooped, cause it was honking

And a lot more

Most bizarre church service and overall experience I’ve had in New York

Definitely one of the highlights

All the while I kept thinking, Jack works in corporate America, this is normal(ish) to me… What on earth must he be thinking is going on right now?!


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