New Haven, CT

Another weekend. Another trip. Another state.

Maybe not the most glamorous or adventurous of places to go, granted.

But sometimes you just need a weekend to take it easy, recuperate and then get back to normal life.

Lately life has taken a slower pace, but been pretty intense. All I wanted was to be in a comfy bed, and get to walk along the seaside.

11999848_10153682403946122_4949859673003241753_o 11951626_10153682411711122_3719552737893873975_o
And I got to do that. In a new state. So nothing lost.

As it goes, New Haven is quite a nice little town. Quiet streets, small town feel, cute shops, nice places to eat and drink, and Yale to walk around and wonder what would life have been life if I was super smart?!

11012521_10153682420641122_1792413567812409472_n 11012504_10153682419811122_5283623657902325733_n 11988554_10153682419056122_1377664088581503201_n
Jack’s alternative solution to being smart enough to study there. Leave his mark by taking a dump in the law building.

Shame he didn’t.

Really all we did for the weekend was eat.

– Queued for CINNAMON BUN PANCAKES at The Pantry when we arrived. Nice little diner that just serves breakfast. Great food, acceptable service, good price. Could totally understand why there was a queue at this 20 seat diner.


– Soul food at Sandra’s Next Generation on Saturday. Best fried chicken and Mac and Cheese, ever. For not being hungry, I scoffed the lot. Sitting on a street corner with a container of fruit punch and a plate of corn bread. Whilst the armed police officer did the accounts at the table beside us. 12002868_10153682418426122_4797141239794489923_n

– Garbage Plate at West Side Bistro. Little diner in West Haven full of wee old ladies – they have learned in their many years where to get the best breakfast. Subbing a pancake for corned beef hash = winning decision. Holy crap that was a good breakfast.


– Thai at Thai Taste. Good food, terrible service. Didn’t really expect any different though.

12004958_10153682414086122_4802170591603316966_n– Cocktails at Elm City Kitchen! I got a rubber duck!!! High point of the night. Some really good cocktails at this place. Jalapeño rum, lucky charms and bourbon, ducks… I was excited!

11921966_10153682413126122_6594822980211505444_oBest bit of it all. 2 Queen sized beds.




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